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Sometimes life or job change just can’t be done by yourself, you need some help, a bit of guidance, but counselling is not the right way for you, that’s where my training as a life coach comes in.

You may just need someone to talk things through with, to ask you those probing questions, and to challenge your assumptions and to see situations from different angles. Sometimes you just need someone to sit and listen without imposing their views and judgements, this is where I can help.

My approach to Coaching

Personal coaching sessions work around creating a vision of what you want to achieve and finding the right way for you to do that. 

You may need coaxing or you may need challenging. Each session will move you forward.

It's all about you.

When you experience coaching with me it is about making sure that you find out what you really want and then being supported to achieve it.

 You get to make all the decisions and take all the action (it’s your change after all and you’ll benefit so much more if you own it).

I’ll be helping you to decide if it’s really for you, to realise just how possible it is and what you will need to do to make it happen.

I offer a flexible approach to fit your needs

Coaching sessions can take place in person, at a mutually convienient place, I have rooms that I use, or we can meet in a coffee shop, or in a park,  by phone; by Skype; over email, maybe a combination.  Whichever works best for you.

See the fees' page for prices.

Fully Insured - Enhanced DBS.